What is Atmen and Why is it Important?

What is Atmen and Why is it Important

When you think of traditional banking, you might think of how far it has come in recent years. There is no denying that online banking now allows us to manage our financial affairs in a much easier and more efficient way. However, even with the services offered today, it seems that traditional banking somehow still cannot compare with the flexibility, convenience and ease of Neo-banking.

Many of us take for granted the access that we have to financial literacy and freedom; so much so that it is hard to imagine that millions of people around the world are still deprived of such a basic necessity. In fact, not only do a large number of people not have access to modern-day technologies and education around banking, but many also do not have access to banking at all. This is where Atmen come in. Atmen, a start-up, innovative and inclusive Neo-banking solution aspire to address this issue head on, by providing banking accessibility to all.

Why is it important?

As the First Black-British owned digital banking company, Atmen’s primary focus is to address the lack of inclusion in minority and diaspora communities. Their aim is to empower people by serving as a gateway to education and technologies that are vital to the future of finances. Whether it’s building a thriving business or achieving other personal ventures such as saving to buy your first home, financial literacy is an important step and is paramount in today’s economy.

Who will benefit?

Atmen aim to service millions of people across Europe and the UK. They will also soon be providing services in various other countries across the world that are less supported by the traditional banking industry.

How will it work?

Atmen is currently accepted in 210 countries and able to be used in 150 currencies.

This digital platform will operate as a prepaid card and spending can be done on a digital or physical card. Clients will have a Euro dominated account and there will be an extensive range of currencies covered, including but not limited to USD, GBP, NOK, DKK and SEK.

They’re also releasing a wide range of other exciting features such as access to loans, saving accounts, cashback, reward programmes, microloans, BNPL and investment accounts.

So, why should I join?

Low cost international payments

Send money quickly and securely to anywhere in the world at an affordable rate. Traditionally sending and receiving money from abroad using the major transfer companies such as ‘MoneyGram’ and ‘Western Union’ can be plagued with ever growing fees. Atmen often allow for the same service to be provided for less than 50% of the cost! Atmen also reinvest in the community, unlike many of the major transfer companies.

Gateway to entrepreneurship

We can all agree that digital banking is an important aspect of the global economy and is important in today’s world for any business owner. By providing Neo-Banking services, Atmen hope to play a part in bringing fairer opportunities and prospects to those minority groups. Additionally, they will soon offer a business account which will be perfect for business owners, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs.

No credit score or previous bank account needed

No banking history? No problem. Atmen, unlike traditional banks will not require details of a previous bank account or any other unnecessary paperwork. They know that this can be a huge road block for so many people and so hope that this alone will allow for inclusion and enable more people to gain access into the banking world.

Helpful, user friendly tools

If you like the idea of being able to easily split bills with friends, organise your finances and save money in a simple and innovative way, then look no further. Atmen offers a ton of unique and hassle free features, from reminders to make payments to monthly budget support to get out of debt. When further updates are released, you will be able to access reports of your spending, invoice and payroll features, save regular contacts to ‘favourites’ for two click transfers, oh and did I mention have access to support 24h per day?

With all this in mind, it really is no wonder that Atmen are expecting to make a huge difference in banking inclusion for the diaspora community.

To learn more about Atmen, get in touch or sign up for an account on the website. Change the way you spend, save and manage your finances today.