Atmen’s experience with Startupbootcamp Accelerator program

Atmen’s experience with Startupbootcamp Accelerator program

About three months ago, it was announced: Atmen Accepted into Startupbootcamp Accelerator Programme

Well, those three months flew by and the Atmen team have accelerated above and beyond.

What is Startupbootcamp accelerator program?

Startupbootcamp FinTech is the world’s largest accelerator for FinTech Start-ups. The three-month program is open to startups across the globe and is the first FinTech accelerator to receive support from leaders in the financial technology. For this cohort, SBC attracted over 300 applications which was then wielded down to the Top 20. For SBC to pick their Top 10, all start-ups had to pitch over a 2 day period for 60 seconds and then a further 3 minutes. Lucky for SBC, 11 start-ups made the FinTech and Cybersecurity Class of 2022.

What happened during the SBC accelerator program?

Around the beginning of March, every week the Atmen team participated in various pitch events such as Fintech Holland and Meet the VC’s and new workshops, including:

  • Financial Valuations and Modelling;
  • Business and Customer Development;
  • Marketing Strategy;
  • Growth Hacking and
  • Pitch training.

Also, on a weekly basis, the SBC Program Director – Giovanni Vaccari and Partner Success Manager – Elizabeth Kleinveld, met with Atmen to see how the company can grow and what support was needed, this helped the team to look at various improvements, one being the updated website. Atmen got to meet with some of the leading Fintech/Banking industry experts, such as MasterCard and Rabobank, who have been mentoring the team over the past 3 months and will continue to do so. The program allowed Atmen to re-align their focus and go-to-market strategy and excitingly, formed some great partnerships which is currently at the Letter of Intent stage, more information will follow as soon as possible.

Who were the other Start-ups?

The SBC Fintech and Cybersecurity Class of 2022 included:

Energy Shift which allows smart crowd-funded investments in Solar farms, empowering the shift towards renewable energy.

Finoo a fintech start-up creating a new era for cross-border tuition payments focused on international students and their families.

Kirigami makes sure SMEs are better prepared for tomorrows’ challenges by reimagining business interruption insurance.

Kle Re-imagines financial education for teenagers with their families through smart allowance management, gamifying savings, and creating a generation of increased financial health

Moneye is a Saas Platform that allows SMEs to monitor all their bank accounts in real-time so that SME’s can increase efficiency, save time and stay in control of their finances.

Satocci brings an easy solution for banking & payments at stores – simply scan and pay and track your spendings!

Tulyp is a Trade Finance startup using smart contracts to offset counterparty risk, enabling the settlement of international trade payments, shipments, delivery and financial logistics.

Vemini is a hardware and software solution for Identity and Access Management that leverages fast, touchless palm vein mapping. Vemini’s authentication protocol enhances physical and online security.

Welfio is an advisory & reporting platform for investors investing in P2P loans across marketplaces.

Yoola is a mobile-first management tool for financial advice and planning specifically focused on African Millennials.

What is Demo Day?

The grand finale of the program was Demo Day which took place on 19 May 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In attendance, were around 300 people as this was an opportunity for the start-ups to showcase their pitch to investors and the public.

All start-ups within the FinTech and Cybersecurity cohort did their pitch within 3 minutes then answered any Q&A from attendees. Thereafter, everyone was invited to join their favourite start-up’s breakout room for a more intimate discussion or further Q&A.

After Demo Day, became Demo week and Atmen had a lot of meetings with VC’s and other companies that will benefit Atmen to reach their goals.

The Atmen team flew to Amsterdam to be present for Demo Day and week, this gave them the opportunity to meet the SBC team in person and network with the other start-ups and investors. As most of the program was done virtually, the final part of the program brought everyone together from different parts of the world.

What’s next for Atmen?

Atmen are now looking to raise £2 million for their Pre-Series A investment round ask. This will help with Research and Development, Product and Technology Improvements and Marketing. Expressions of Interest can be made via the pledge page:

Atmen is invited to Money20/20 Europe in June 2022 to take part in a panel discussion on Diaspora banking.